Common CBD Drink Myths: Debunked

Myth 1 - CBD Drinks Make You Feel High

CBD doesn’t make you high. It’s THC in cannabis that causes the high effect. CBD drinks from hemp have minimal THC, less than 0.2%, so no high effect! 

Myth 2 - All CBD Drinks are the Same 

Not true! Full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate CBD drinks each have different effects and benefits. 

Myth 3 - CBD Drinks Work Instantly 

Unlike vaping, CBD drinks take time to digest and show effects. Onset time varies among users. 

Myth 4 - More CBD Drinks is Better 

More isn’t always better. Start with lower dosages, especially for first-time users. 

Myth 5 - CBD Drinks Can Replace Medications 

CBD drinks cannot replace prescribed medications. Always consult with a doctor before using CBD for medicinal purposes. 

Myth 6 - CBD Drinks are Addictive 

CBD drinks are not addictive. They contain less than 0.2% THC, which is not enough to cause addiction.